John Nicholson

Mustered into service as a Private on July 29th, 1861

Died 06 September 1909


Private Nicholson was slightly wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness on May 5th, 1864. He would muster out of the service in July of 1864.


John filed for a pension in March of 1871.


John married Rhoda Turner on July 23rd, 1859 in Delaware County Indiana. After the war they moved to Wisconsin where they lived most of their lives in Richland county. They had two sons, George and James who both died on the same day in 1881.


In the summer of 1905 John Nicholson got into a heated argument with a man named Edward Fullington over a horse. The two men never liked each other and often would get into fights. In the their last fight John shot Edward and he would die from this wound a week later.

John was found guilty of third degree murder and sentenced to 10 years at the Waupun State Prison where he would die.


He is buried in a unmarked grave in the old prison cemetery.



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