Isaac Royston Ford

Mustered into service as a Private on August 19th, 1862

Born 08 August 1845

Died 28 November 1904

Buried Woodlawn / Maxville Cemetery, Randolph County Indiana


Before serving in the 19th Indiana Isaac spent 7 months as a Private in Company K of the 36th Indiana Infantry. He mustered into that regiment on October 24th, 1861 and was discharged for disability on May 22nd, 1862. While serving with the 36th Indiana Isaac jumped off a riverboat in Tennessee during the time of the Battle of Shiloh with a full pack on his back causing a hernia. He soon contracted mumps and was discharged from the service.


He returned home, recovered from the mumps, then joined the 19th Indiana where he brother Doctor F. Ford was serving.


He was wounded in the ankle at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1st, 1863.


By the fall of 1864 the ranks of the 19th Indiana were so depleted from combat casualties and sickness they were folded into the 20th Indiana Infantry. Isaac was put into Company A of that regiment and served there until his muster out on May 31st, 1865.


Isaac started to receive a pension in 1869 but because of the confusion with his two disabilities from two different regiments his pension was cancelled and restarted more than once. His hernia never properly healed and his old ankle wound from Gettysburg made farming very difficult for him. Isaac died with little money and was buried without a headstone. He was in a unmarked grave for 100 years until a great, great, great grandson had a new government marker placed to honor his service.